FR// Ryoshi est une petite Cabane de pecheur ou vous pouvez deguster des specialité japonaises, tel que des Temakis (cornets) et des Dons au poisson (bowls de riz).

La nourriture vous sera aportée au Gokudo, si vous le desirez, afin de mieux accompagner vos boissons 🙂

EN// Ryoshi is a small Fish shack, where you can savor traditional Japanese Snacks, Temakis (handrolls) and Fish based Dons (rice bowls).

Food will be served to you at Gokudo, if you desire, to companion your beverages 🙂

dimanche+lundi // sunday+monday

mardi+mercredi // tuesday+wednesday
5:00pm – 11:00pm

jeudi+vendredi // thursday+friday
5:00pm – 12:00am

samedi // saturday
7:00pm – 12:00am

4.95 || edamame
ail, chili, fleur de sel
sesame, chili, salt flower


4.95 || miso cucumber
concombre, miso d’orge, poivre de sansho, sésame
cucumber, barley miso, sansho pepper, sesame


10.95 || duck tataki
goji, coriandre, oignon croustillant
goji, coriander, crispy onion


11.95 || the catch!
sashimi du jour
sashimi of the day


9.95 || aburi pressed sushi (3mx)
thon albacore, arare, shiso, sauce bbq au soya, mayo au wasabi
albacore tuna, arare, shiso, soy bbq sauce, wasabi mayo


12.95 || vege don
shitake, haricots verts, avocat, concombre, miso épicé, arare
shiitake, green beans, avocado, cucumber, spicy miso, arare


4.95 || onigiri
boule riz, porc, topinambour, katsuobushi, nori
rice ball, pork, jerusalem artichokes, katsuobushi, nori


18.95 || ryoshi don
thon, pétoncle, crevette, ikura, miso épicé, arare, riz
tuna, scallops, shrimps, ikura, spicy miso, arare, rice


3.95 || dessert
truffle au chocolat, lime kaffir, yuzu
chocolat truffle, kaffir lime, yuzu

Trained in Tokyo, Hachiro met his wife Aiko and moved to Canada in 2008. They have been working together in Montreal since Iwashi Izakaya / Cafe Sardine, Team Sozai and Thazard Bistro and has developed numerous recipes that are honest and creative. They delight in cooking their plates that perfectly match with the cocktails and sake for guests at Gokudo!